Mathematics Field Days

For New England High School Students

Each Fall, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University offers area high school students and their teachers the opportunity to come to the Boston University campus for a full day of mathematical activities. Students learn about current topics in mathematics and statistics, including fractals, chaos, the Mandelbrot set and Julia sets, and much more.

In 2012, the Mathematics Field Days were held on Tuesday, October 23 and Tuesday, October 30. Unfortunately, because of Prof. Devaney's current commitments as President of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), this event will not be held in 2013-15. Sorry about that.

Since 1996, the Field Days have been held in various locations, including Cape Cod, Hartford CT, Portland ME, and the Bay Area in California. We hope to expand this program on the national level in the future in connection with the MAA. If you are interested in hosting such an event at your institution, or have any ideas about "nationalizing" these Field Days, send email to me at

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