Dynamical Systems and Topology

April 21-25, 2008
Tossa de Mar, Catalunya, Spain

The following email message regarding the conference procedings was sent to all conference participants on May 19:

Dear Bobfest participant,

As announced at the conference, we are planning a special volume of the Journal of Difference Equations and Applications in honor of Bob Devaney. All conference participants are invited to contribute. Papers will be refereed. We can include expository papers if they are well written.

Papers should be submitted in either electronic form, preferably pdf, (and then TeX when the paper is accepted), or as paper copy to Linda Keen. We would like to have all papers by Sept 3, 2008, so the volume can appear early in 2009.

email: linda.keen@lehman.cuny.edu

regular mail:
Linda Keen
Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science
Lehman College CUNY, Bronx, NY 10468

This will be a good tribute to Bob and a good place to have a number of papers of interest to all of us.


The organizing committee.

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