BU Mathematics Colloquium

Boston University Mathematics Colloquium -- Fall 2014

The colloquium seminar series at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University aims on bringing world experts from various areas of mathematics to talk about their field of study. Each talk will be preceded by an additional talk (with a tea break in between) given by a local faculty member and aimed to prepare the audience for the colloquium talk itself. Graduate students are particularly encouraged to attend the pre-talks. The colloquium seminar series usually meets on the last Friday of each month (see specific dates below).

Colloquium organizers: Margaret Beck, Sam Isaacson, Si Li, Jared Weinstein and Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

All talks are 4-5 pm in SCI 117. The pre-colloquium talks are 2:30-3:30 pm in MCS 148. There will be a tea from 3:30-4:00 pm in MCS 144.

Date Speaker Title Pre-talk speaker Pre-talk title
Oct. 3 Ronnie Sircar (Princeton) Multiscale perturbation methods for portfolio choice problems Siragan Gulius A look at multiscale SDEs and small noise
Oct. 31 Keith Conrad (University of Connecticut) The ABC Conjecture John Bergdall Integral solutions to Diophantine equations
Dec. 5 Dan Freed (UT Austin) Chern-Weil forms and abstract homotopy Tom McCauley Curvature and characteristic classes

The Spring 2014 Colloquium Schedule