MA 471/671:

Mathematica Tools for Use in MA471/671

For students who know how to use Mathematica, Sebastian M. Marotta, a former graduate student in the Department of Mathematics, has written a series of Mathematica notebooks that may be used to perform some of the labs in this course. Download all the files to one directory. There are 12 of them: Start your Mathematica session from the file AFirstCourse.nb. This file has hyperlinks to each of the programs that may be used to work on the Experiments. Note that the files dealing with complex dynamics involve a large amount of computation. Depending on the characteristics of your computer, these computations could take a huge amount of time. In some cases you might prefer (or need) to use the Java Applets on the web. However, if you have some familiarity with writing Mathematica programs, you will find these notebooks useful and at the same time adaptable to your own needs. Comments and questions are appreciated. Send them to