MA 471-671

Exam #2, 1997

1. True/False.

2. Quickies. Answers only -- no partial credit.

3. Prove that the doubling function on the circle is semi-conjugate to x2-2 on -2<= x<= 2 via the semi-conjugacy H(x) = 2 cos x.

4.Definitions. Give the precise definitions of each of the following.

5. State Sarkovskii's Theorem, including the Sarkovskii ordering.

6. Describe the relationship between the Sierpinski triangle and Pascal's triangle.

7. In an essay, discuss the chaos games that were played to create the movie that you see on the screen. Be sure to give the number of vertices used in each frame, the compression ratios (magnification factors), rotations, and how these items were changed to produce the animation.