PowerPoint Slides from Recent Lectures

India Conference 2018

Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set

Crazy Topology and Complex Dynamics

Sierpinski Galore

Dynamic Classification of Escape Time Sierpinski Curve Julia Sets

Chaos Games and Fractal Movies

Dynamics of zn + C / zn; why n = 2 is crazy

Barcelona CODY Lectures on Dynamics of zn + C / zn

Topological Structures in the Julia Sets of Rational Maps

Sao Paulo Lectures on Complex Dynamics

Chaos Games and Fractal Movies
This is a videotape of the lecture I gave at Madison Area Technical College; it is the lecture I often give at the Math Field Days. The PowerPoint slides for this talk are posted above.

Mandelpinski Necklaces: Structures in the Parameter Plane for zn + C/zd