Cedric E. GinestetBoston University

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
College of Arts and Sciences, Boston University,
111 Cummington Mall,
Boston, MA 02215.



I am currently working as a posdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Eric Kolaczyk. My research centers on extending the use of standard statistical methods, such as the t-test or the analysis of variance, to network data. This is of particular interest to neuroscientists manipulating neuroimaging data, which can be used to construct subject-specific networks. Previously, I have worked in King's College London on neuroimaging data, with specific emphasis on the construction and comparison of functional MRI networks linking cortical and subcortical regions. I hold a PhD in biostatistics from Imperial College London, during which I analyzed epidemiological data using Bayesian statistics, within a decision theoretic framework.

Office Location

My office is located in the Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) building, on Cummington Mall.
This is office number MCS 229, on the second floor.

Miscellaneous: Emacs

If you wish to get started with a good text editor, you should consider using the free software platform, Emacs. Below, I have provided you with the Emacs configuration file that I have been using and honing for a few years, as well as a custom.el file. These are can be used with Emacs 23, but not with Emacs 24.