BU Math and Statistics Community Fund

Thanks to an incredibly generous bequest by a Boston Math PhD grad, the department can now sponsor social events! I have no web skills, so I'm simply posting pictures here - nothing fancy.

Math and Stats Community Retreat - 2017 Apr 14-16

Board Game Day - 2016 Nov 20

Hiking the Rattlesnake Mountains - 2016 June 12

Escape the Room Boston - 2016 April 28

If you look at the time cards, the other team beat us by >10 minutes. But I will say it's a lot more exciting to hit the escape button with 3 seconds left. And the games aren't exactly the same, because there is a variable in the form of the person watching you who gives you hints.

BU vs UNH at Agganis Arena - 2016 February 20

I thought I would only enjoy this hockey game on an ironic level. But UNH did a very good job of getting me invested in the outcome by scoring 2 goals back to back in the third period to make it a nailbiter. I would strongly consider going back next season.

Tasty Burger Day - 2016 April 1

Sack Attack x 6.

Weekly bagel seminar* - more or less weekly

*It's not really a seminar