Emma Previato's Home Page

Emma Previato's Home Page

This home page is forever `in the process'. Please pardon our appearance!

From Marla Bryce's Algebra class notes. I think she "suddenly had the urge to draw [this sketch of me]" because I look so happy, lecturing from David Eisenbud's Commutative Algebra With A View Toward Algebraic Geometry!

Teaching Info -- Spring 2002

WAIT! That was LAST spring...

oh well, let's try again:

Please, wish me luck!

Oh, me... That was 2003, you say? Picky, picky, picky... Hail Spring 2004, here you go:

Some Hobbies

You can visit an

abstract of "Poncelet's Theorem in Space" as well as (anytime soon?) ongoing notes on any aspects of Poncelet's theorem, no holds barred. I am being pulled so deep into the stuff that I wouldn't be surprised if I wrote a book on it or founded a Poncelet society.

An interdisciplinary project

"Calculus with Applications to Sciences" featuring Mathematica Notebooks on Biology/Chemistry problems. The Notebooks are a joint project with my Radcliffe Research Partner Carolyn Weinberg (Harvard '99). Acknowledgements: This project is part of the program "Career Direction through Integration of Introductory Biology and Chemistry Laboratory and Research", designated as a national prototype by the National Science Foundation; the Program Director is Chemistry Professor Elizabeth Godrick; co-Principal Investigators are Proff. R. Hausman, P. Samuel and myself. Thanks to Sarah Tyner, CAS '99, a student in the program, who made available her lab data. In addition, I am especially thankful to William R. Derrick (University of Montana) for generously sharing his linear algebra materials, implemented in matlab; in turn, Bill gives credit for this work to Jenny McNulty and Mike Olear.


Some Great Things

In 2001-2002 I am serving on the Steering Committee of the "Radcliffe Mentor Program" and have three most interesting Mentees: Emmanouela Filippidi, Isidora Milin and Chenling Zhang

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