For both standard and interactive maps
to Boston University, please consult
Boston University Visitor Center.

The conference will take place in the
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS Room B12)
at 685-725 Commonwealth Avenue. A map of the
university is available here.

provided on the Boston University premises.
Our thanks to the BU Parking Services, in particular Webster J. Lancaster, Director!
Please bring with you a printout of your registration acknowledgment and place it on your windshield.
The parking lot that Symposium participants are allowed to use (an unattended permit-only lot) is located at 602 Commonwealth Avenue. Should the lot fill, the remaining guests would have to use street parking or one of the University's payment-on-entry locations. One of these commercial lots is located at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Deerfield Street. The weekend rate would be $6 for the day.
For information on using the free service, please contact Emma Previato,