This is the homepage of our newly formed Chapter of the AWM, 2013-2014

Our Birth Certificate
Our primary goal is to promote the values of the AWM. Our local mission is to promote the benefits and wonderment of mathematics through: Community Outreach; Student-led Activities; Professional Development. Our personal hope is to have fun and foster enjoyment and involvement, tapping the huge pool of expertise and creativity and terrific people here at BU, as well as bringing back Alums, inviting experts and networking globally through digital initiatives. Please e-mail us with your ideas and suggestions!

Chapter Advisor:
  • Emma Previato, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University, ep@bu.edu

  • Chapter 2013-2014 Officers:
  • Sridevi Suresh, CAS'16, President

  • Margaret Tang, CAS'16, Vice President

  • Samantha H. Enbar-Salo, CAS'16, Treasurer

  • Chi Zhang, CAS'16, Secretary

  • NEWS in 2014-2015: The AWM announced its essay contest To increase awareness of women's ongoing contributions to the mathematical sciences, please find the poster here! Our 2013-2014 Events:
  • March 5, 2014, 5:30-6:30 pm
    A conversation with Professor Ruth Charney, President, AWM
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, 111 Cummington Mall, Room 144, followed by a pizza reception
  • April 30, 2014, 6:00-7:00 pm
    The first AWM BU Student Chapter year-end Showcase:
    Students are invited to share any mathematical nugget (research, reports on math books or movies or museum trips, e.g.) and we hope to make this an annual tradition!
    Three students volunteered a presentation on their research projects this year,
  • Leo Shapiro,

  • Sridevi Suresh,

  • Ying Zhang,

  • Please find their abstracts here and join the showcase:
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, 111 Cummington Mall, Room 148, followed by pizza

    • THANK YOU:

      We are extraordinarily grateful to our founding Sponsor for making the creation of this Chapter possible. It was funded in 2013-2014 by the
      Worldwide Center of Mathematics,

      "a leader in changing the way you access math", based in neighboring Cambridge, Mass.
      We are especially thankful to the Center's Founding Director, Professor David B. Massey (Department of Mathematics, Northeastern University) for his support of our cause, and for his constant promotion of training and learning and research in mathematics through a wide range of activities which include student internships and visionary publication projects.
      In 2014-2015, the BU Department of Mathematics and Statistics stepped in, to fund our chapter dues: Thank You!