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Boston University
The Keynote talks will take place in the CAS Building (College of Arts and Sciences)
685-725 Commonwealth Avenue
Room B12 (access basement from Tsai Ctr 685 Comm Ave)

Start Time: 10:00 am - End Time: 5:00 pm

Continental Breakfast and Poster Session

Showcasing the Research of Undergraduate Students 10:00-10:45 am -- 111 Cummington Street MCS 135


Robert L. Devaney (Boston University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

Keynote Address I 11:00am - 12:00 noon

Tim Pennings (Hope College, Deparment of Mathematics)

Do Dogs Know Calculus?

A standard calculus problem is to find the quickest path from a point on shore to a point in the lake, given that running speed is greater than swimming speed. Elvis, my Welsh Corgi, has never had a calculus course. But when we play "fetch" at Lake Michigan, he appears to choose paths close to the calculus answer. In this talk we reveal what was found when we experimentally tested this ability.
Elvis will be available for follow-up questions

Luncheon Reception: 12:15-1:45 - 111 Cummington Street MCS 149

Keynote Address II 2:00 -3:00 pm

Tim Pennings (Hope College, Deparment of Mathematics)

Do Dogs Know Bifurcations?

It has been established that dogs - at least Elvis - knows calculus. That is, Elvis can find the optimal - fastest - route to a ball thrown down the beach and in the water. But what happens when Elvis is positioned in the water and retrieves a ball that is also in the water? When should he swim the entire distance to the ball, and when should he swim in to the shore, run along the shore, and then swim back out to the ball? What is the bifurcation point for the change in optimal strategy? Does Elvis bifurcate? Does his fur bicate?
Elvis will be available for follow-up questions

Coffee Break 3:00-3:30 pastries and beverages, 111 Cummington Street MCS 135

Panel Discussion 3:30-5:00 -- 111 Cummington Street MCS 135

What Is Mathematics?

Confirmed Panelists: Helen Barbas (Professor of Health Sciences, Sargent College, Boston University), Margrit Betke (Director of Undergraduate Studies, Computer Science Department, Boston University), Steven J. Miller (Faculty advisor to the Math DUG, Mathematics Department, Brown University), Donal O'Shea (Elizabeth T. Kennan Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mt. Holyoke College), E. Todd Quinto (Robinson Professor of Mathematics and Interim Department Head, Tufts University)
Moderator: Sarah L. Mabrouk (Past-Chair of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America (NES/MAA), Mathematics Department, Framingham State College)