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Hi, my name is Hudson Harper, and currently I am a graduate student at Boston University working on a PhD in math with a focus in algebraic number theory and algebraic geometry (though mostly number theory). My first encounter and interest with number theory was as a student in the Program for Young Scientists in Mathematics, a.k.a. PROMYS . At the University of South Carolina, I continued studying number theory, and eventually produced a thesis under the advisement of Matthew Boylan on the subject of lacunary modular forms. Now that I'm in my third year at Boston University, I am starting work under David Rohrlich related to Artin L-functions and Galois representations.

For my CV, please click here.

For those that might want to reach me, my email address is: hharper [at] bu [dot] edu

For those that would like to find me, my office is in MCS 163. Once you enter the door found in the link, my office is towards the right, next to the Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering.

News and Activities

End of Summer I

This will be the last day of Summer I at BU. For those of you in my MA 226 class, I will be giving my final exam.

Start of Summer II

BU will start its Summer II term. As of right now, I will be taking this term off to focus on work towards my degree.