Horacio G. Rotstein

Office address:

        Horacio G. Rotstein
        Boston University
        Center for Biodynamics & Department of Mathematics
        111 Cummington street
	Boston, MA, 02215, USA.

        tel: (1-617) 353-1493 
        fax: (1-617) 353-8100 

        E-mail: horacio (at) math(dot)bu(dot)edu        

Mathematical Neuroscience Conference.

Universitat d'Andorra - September 1 to 4, 2006.

Satellite activity of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2006.



I studied in I was a postdoc at After that I moved to

Some of my scientific interests are

Applied mathematics.
Dynamical systems.
Mathematical and computational neuroscience.
Mathematical biology.
Genetic networks.
Oscillatory chemical reactions.
Localization phenomena in chemical and biological systems.
Canard phenomenon and its applications.
Pattern formation in chemistry and biology.
Hyperbolic reaction diffusion equations.
Phase transition dynamics, phase transition dynamics with memory.
Dynamics of cluster growth.


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I was born and grew up in Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires, Argentina). I also lived in Haifa (Israel) , Tel Aviv (Israel) and Arad (Israel). Now, I live in Boston (MA, USA).


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