MA565: Mathematical Models in the Life Sciences

Instructor: Prof. Samuel A. Isaacson
Office: MCS 231
Time and Location: T/TH 11-12:15PM, MCS B33
Office Hours: Tuesday 12:15-1:15PM and 4:30-5:30pm in my office.

Homeworks II-IV Select Solutions [here]

Syllabus: web page, [pdf] (Subject to change.)

Errata for Edelstein-Keshet text: here

Homework Assignments:

Homework 1, due 1/25/2018 in class: here.

Homework 2, due 2/1/2018 in class: here.

Homework 3, due 2/8/2018 in class: here.

Homework 4, due 2/15/2018 in class: here.

Homework 5, due 3/01/2018 in class: here.

Mathematica Codes:

Follow the instructions to download Mathematica: here

Mathematica file for Sontag ODE1 Problem 2 in V7.1 of notes (also shows how to take integrals and series): here.

Mathematica file for showing how to numerically solve and plot the chemostat: here.

Mathematica file for showing how to plot the chemostat phase plane: here.

(Right click and select "save link as" to download any Mathematic file.)