Gregg Jaeger

  Bokulich and Jaeger

Philosophy of Quantum Information and Entanglement
Alisa Bokulich and Gregg Jaeger (Eds) (Cambridge University Press, 2010)

At Cambridge University Press


"This collection of essays, edited by Alisa Bokulich and Gregg Jaeger of Boston University, features contributions from leading experts
in the philosophy and foundations of quantum physics. The included papers explore and develop three basic (and often overlapping)
questions: (i) what quantum mechanics (QM) implies for the burgeoning field of information science, (ii) how information theoretic
approaches might lead to a deeper understanding of the nature and implications of QM, and (iii) how operationalist perspectives inspired
by information theory might suggest new paths forward in physics... this volume has much to recommend it. Those who agree with its
dominant philosophical perspectives will find a diverse set of rich and stimulating papers, representative of the best cutting-edge research
in this exciting interdisciplinary program. Those who disagree will still learn about the kinds of research the information theoretic perspective is
stimulating and will in addition be encouraged to confront an eminently worthwhile question: how can one understand all of this important
progress from a more realist point of view? It is thus easy to stand behind the hope, expressed by Bokulich and Jaeger at the close of their
Introduction `that this volume will provide a useful starting point for those entering this new interdisciplinary field, and will encourage more
philosophers and physicists to enter into the dialogue on the exciting philosophical implications of quantum information research.' "

Reviewed by Travis Norsen (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2011-02-11, (University of Notre Dame Press, 2011)