Gregg Jaeger

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Quantum information: An overview
Gregg Jaeger (Springer, 2007)

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"As the title states, this book provides a concise overview over quantum information theory...
This is... a nice book which can be recommended to researchers in other fields who wants to get
a fast and sound overview over the subject. It is also suitable for students learning quantum information theory...
For researchers working in quantum information theory it... can serve as a compact reference book."
(Michael Keyl, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1166, 2009)


"This is a comprehensive overview of quantum information, including computation, communication
and cryptography. It is not a textbook (there are no exercises) and it is not intended to be
an easy introduction to the subject. But as a research-level treatment of the subject, it is very valuable.
... The book can be recommended as a useful resource for researchers in any area of quantum information,
including those who are familiar with one topic and wish to enter another."

Reviewed by Simon J. Gay (Mathematical Reviews, American Mathematical Society 2009)