Algebraic Geometry - MA745 - Spring 2015

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Course: MA745, Algebraic Geometry
Professor: Jared Weinstein
Lecture: MWF 2-3, MCS B23

Course Overview
This course is an introduction to modern algebraic geometry. Topics include category theory, sheaves, the definition of a scheme, curves, the Riemann-Roch theorem, and perhaps a few other topics, time permitting.


The Rising Sea: Foundations of Algebraic Geometry, by Ravi Vakil.


Exercises are so essential for learning this material that I am making them worth 100% of the course grade. They will be due each Friday. I won't be grading them in detail, but I do reserve the right to ask you to redo them if they are inadequate.

HW Assignment Due
#1 1.2A,B; 1.3A, B, C, D, H, N, O. Jan. 30
#2 1.3T, U; 14.B, F; 2.2A, B, C, J. Feb. 6
#3 3.1A, B; 3.2C, E, G, H, K. Feb. 13
#4 3.4C(c), D, F; 3.5A, E, 3.6E. Also: show that Spec A is disconnected if and only if A is a product of two nonzero rings. Feb. 20
#5 3.7C, D, E; 4.1A, D; 4.3A, B. Feb. 27
#6 4.5E, F; 5.1A; 5.2A, B, C. Mar. 6
#7 5.3C, E; 5.4A, F; 6.2A, E; 6.3C, D. Mar. 20
#8 6.3N; 6.4C; 6.5A, B, G, H, J. Mar. 27
#9 7.2A, F(a), H; 7.3H, K, M. Apr. 3
#10 12.1G, H, I; 12.2A, D, J. Apr. 10
#11 13.1B, G; 14.1B, C, D; 14.2 E, O. Apr. 24
#12 194A; 19.9A, B, C, D, F. (optional)