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As a graduate student of Björn Sandstede's Research Group, I participated in a weekly reading group on topics in dynamical systems. I participated in the following semeter long topics, giving a lecture on the subtopics indicated:

Date: Semester Topic: My Lecture Subtopic: Resources:
Fall 2013 Degree theory, Morse theory, variational methods, and the Conley index. Variational Methods: genus, Ljusternik-Schnirelman notes
Spring 2013 Climate tipping points and stochastic resonances. Stochatic resonance notes
Fall 2012 Lattice dynamical systems. Stablity of standing wave solutions to the DNLS notes
Spring 2012 Networks and biological signalling pathways. Groupoid formalism notes
Fall 2011 Spatial dynamics, nonlinear waves, and numerical continuation methods. Fredholm alternative notes
Spring 2010 Data assimilation.