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I am a faculty member in statistics, in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University. Currently I serve as director of the department's MS in Statistical Practice (MSSP), as well as more generally the director of the Program in Statistics. I was named a Data Science Faculty Fellow at Boston University in 2018.

My current research interests revolve mainly around the statistical analysis of network-indexed data, with particular focus on both foundational issues and statistical problems arising in practice. My applied work in network analysis has included collaborations with researchers in areas like bioinformatics, computational neuroscience, computer network traffic analysis, and social work. Previous research was concerned with the development of statistical multi-scale models, with applications in areas including astronomy, computer science, geography, and remote sensing.

Interested in Data Science Education?
Currently I co-chair the Data Science Post-secondary Education Roundtable, sponsored by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences. Check it out!





I am an affiliated faculty member in the

Division of Systems Engineering
Program in Bioinformatics, and
Program in Computational Neuroscience,

at Boston University.


I am currently on the editorial boards of

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B
SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science

Previously I was on the editorial boards of

Electronic Journal of Statistics
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Network Science
Statistics Surveys


For those interested in networks, I have written three books, entitled
Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models, published in the Springer Series in Statistics.

Statistical Analysis of Network Data with R, joint with Gabor Csardi, published in the Springer UseR! Series.

Topics at the Frontier of Statistics and Network Analysis: (Re)Visiting the Foundations., published in the Cambridge Elements -SemStat Series.