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I am a Professor of Statistics and a founding member of the Faculty for Computing and Data Science at Boston University. I currently serve as Director of the Hariri Institute for Computing, a key element of BU's commitment to establishing itself as an internationally recognized center of excellence for research and education in the Computing and Data Sciences. I am a faculty member in statistics, in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University, where I was previously director of the Program in Statistics and the founding director of the department's MS in Statistical Practice (MSSP).

Generally speaking, my research is focused at the point where statistical theory and methods support human endeavors enabled by computing and engineered systems, frequently from a network-based perspective of systems science. With a variety of excellent students and collaborators, I've had the pleasure of developing novel methodologies for design, representation, modeling, inference, prediction, or uncertainty quantification foundational to new paradigms for data measurement and analysis. And doing so for practical problems across a range of domain areas and topics, including identifying anomalies in computer network traffic, modeling disease progression in a population, characterizing biological mechanism of action, tracking the progression of epileptic seizures, exploring chemical reaction spaces, and producing one of the first visualizations of our galactic halo.

Interested in Data Science Education?
I co-chaired the 2017-2019 Data Science Education Roundtable, sponsored by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences. All materials produced by the round table are available here!





I am an affiliated faculty member in the

Division of Systems Engineering
Program in Bioinformatics, and
Program in Computational Neuroscience,

at Boston University.



Previously I was on the editorial boards of

Electronic Journal of Statistics
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B
Network Science
SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science
Statistics Surveys


For those interested in networks, I have written three books, entitled
Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models, published in the Springer Series in Statistics.

Statistical Analysis of Network Data with R, joint with Gabor Csardi, published in the Springer UseR! Series. (Now in second edition!)

Topics at the Frontier of Statistics and Network Analysis: (Re)Visiting the Foundations., published in the Cambridge Elements -SemStat Series.