MA 115-D1, Statistics I-Fall 2017

Instructor: Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

Office: 111 Cummington Street, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Room MCS 222
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-4:15 after class
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Tue-Thu... 2:00-3:15pm at CAS224

Teaching Fellows: TBA

Discussion Sections: check your schedule
Office hours: TBA

Required Text: Statistics, Informed Decisions Using Data, Michael Sullivan, III,5th Edition, Pearson

Course Description: This course is an introduction to basic concepts and tools in statistics and probability. First, we learn how to describe data. Second, we study the elements of probability theory. Third, we combine data description and probability theory to develop statistical inference procedures. Students will learn and acquire a variety of skills in analyzing and reasoning from data.

Class attendance: It is very important that you attend lectures and discussion sections being prepared every time and that you come on time and leave only at the end of the class. This is necessary in order for both you and for your fellow students to get the most out of the class and prepare for the exams.

Prerequisites: A very good background in high school algebra.

Syllabus (tentative)

I will try to follow the syllabus as closely as possible. However it may change depending on our progress. Any changes will be announced in class and posted here.

The class will use blackboard

Currently the Exam schedule is as follows:
DateAssignmentMaterial Covered
Thursday, Oct 5, 2-3:15pm, regular class time Midterm I TBA
Thursday, Nov 9, 2-3:15pm, regular class time Midterm II TBA
TBA Final cummulative

Tentative grading policy: Your grade will be based on :(a) Homework (20%), (b) two midterm exams (25% each) and a final exam (30%). The grading policy may change according to the progress of the class.

Exam & Homeworks:
Exams: There will be two midterm exam and one final exam. The exam material for each one of the two exams will be announced in class and posted on the webpage of the course. The final exam will be cumulative. All exams are closed books and notes. Credit will be given for full answers only. It is more important to show your work than just the final answer.
Homeworks: Homework will be weakly and it will be both online and offline. Usually it will be a due a week after in class, which will also be announced in class. Needless to say, you should work on the homework on your own, unless otherwise instructed by me. The lowest two homeworks will be dropped, if you participate in class. No late homeworks will be accepted.

Make-up policy: Make up exams (midterms and final) will be given only in extreme circumstances, and only when accompanied by appropriate documentation. Any student with a valid reason to be given a make up exam must contact me prior to the exam, either by email or in person, and present documentation at the next class session attended. No exceptions to this rule will be made.

Blackboard: All course announcements including supplementing material, offline homework questions and lecture notes will be available at blackboard. Online homework and \textbf{only} online homework will be done through the book publisher's website for the course

Cheating: No form of cheating or plagiarism will be tolerated. University's policy and my policy are very strict here.