MATH 140 - Calculus I-Summer 2008 (Section 0102)

Instructor: Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

Office: Math 4412
Office Hours: M-F 10:50-11:20am
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Math 0103 06/02/08-07/25/08
MTuWThF... 9:30am-10:50am

Text: Calculus, R. Ellis and D. Gulick, 6th Edition

Course Description: Introduction to calculus, including functions, limits, continuity, derivatives and applications of the derivative, sketching of graphs of functions, definite and indefinite integrals, and calculation of area. The course will cover all of chapters 2-5 and Section 10.3.


I will try to follow the syllabus as closely as possible. However it may change depending on our progress. Any changes will be announced in class and posted here.

Material covered so far:
Weak Date Material Covered
Weak 1June 1-6pre-calculus, 2.1-2.4
Weak 2June 9-132.5-3.4
Weak 3June 16-203.5-3.8
Weak 4June 23-274.1-4.5
Weak 5June 30-July 44.6-4.7
Weak 6July 7-114.8-5.3
Weak 7July 14-185.4-5.6
Weak 8July 21-255.7,5.8,10.3

Currently the Quiz-Exam schedule is as follows:
DateAssignmentMaterial Covered
June 3Pre-Calculus ExamAll precalculus material
June 6Quiz 12.1-2.3
June 10Quiz 22.4-2.5
June 13Group Quiz 33.1-3.3
June 17Test 12.1-3.4
June 20Quiz 43.4-3.7
June 24Quiz 53.8-4.1 (Bring Scientific Calculators)
June 27Group Quiz 64.2-4.4
July 1Test 23.5-4.5
July 7Quiz 74.6-4.7
July 10Quiz 84.8-5.1
July 14Group Quiz 95.2-5.3
July 15Test 34.6-5.3
July 18Quiz 105.4-5.5
July 22Quiz 115.6-5.7
July 25Final Exam2.1-5.8 and 10.3

Grading: Your grade will be based on the following 510 points:
1 Pre-Calc exam @ 20 points    20 points
4 exams @ 100 points each    400 points
11 Quizzes @ 10 points each90 points
Total Points510 points
I expect to give grades based on cutoffs of 90%, 80%, 70% and 60%. This means the cutoffs should be:
A459 points
B408 points
C357 points
D306 points
Important: The final exam will be comprehensive. If you do well there, you will be rewarded. In particular, your final grade will be the maximum of: (a) your final exam and (b) your total average as calculated above. The purpose of this is to reward those of you that have done significant progress within the semester.

Exam, Quizzes & Homeworks: There will be one pre-calculus exam given on the second day of class and four regular exams. The last one (given on the 25th of July) will be comprehensive. The exam material for each of the first three regular exams will be announced in class and posted on the webpage of the course. In general each test will cover the material that was taught from the previous test and then. I also reserve the right to include a question from the previous exam, so make sure that you have learned from your mistakes. Moreover I plan to give eleven quizzes, each worth 10 points. The lowest two quizzes will be dropped. The material tested on the quiz will be whatever we covered from the day of the previous quiz (including the material taught that day).
Calculators will NOT be premitted during quizzes and exams.
I will not be collecting homework. However the syllabus (it can be found above) offers a large number of recommended problems. You are strongly encouraged to do these problems. Feel free to ask questions on the homework either at the start of the lecture or during office hours. Quiz and exam questions will be similar if not identical to homework questions. It is advisable to keep up with class work and attend class regularly, especially because the pace of a summer course is so accelerated.

Graphics Calculators: Graphics calculators will be used in the course and you will need them to do some of the assigned homework problems. The Texas Instruments (TI-8x) are the preferred types (they are availible at the bookstore). However no calculators will be allowed during exams and quizzes.

Make-up policy: There will be no make-up quizzes. Exam makeups will only be given for University Excused Absences. Any student with a valid reason to be excused from a quiz must contact me prior to the quiz, either by email or in person ,and present documentation at the next class session attended. If you need to be excused from a quiz for religious reasons, you should let me know as soon as possible, preferably in the beginning of the semester.

Resources: If you need help outside the classroom: