MA876 - PDE Seminar - Spring 2018

Lectures: TR 11:00-12:15 in CAS 314


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Content of Course:

This course will focus on methods for determining the point spectrum of linear operators associated with nonlinear waves. I will begin with motivation and an introduction to the relevant aspects of spectral theory. Next I will introduce the Evans function, and discuss in particular how it can be used to study slow-fast systems and perturbations of eigenvalues. As time permits I will also discuss recent developments in spatial dimensions greater than one. (Note: these topics are tentative and subject to change as the semester progresses.)

Here is the syllabus.
Course Format:

I will give the lectures at least until Spring Break. The remaining lectures will be given by participants in the course. If you are taking the course for credit, you are required to give at least two lectures, and your grade will be based entirely on these lectures. If you are auditing the course it is up to you whether or not you give lectures, but please let me know by February 14 whether or not you wish to do so. The topic of your lectures can be anything you like that is related to the point spectrum of linear operators associated with nonlinear waves. I'm happy to discuss your interests with you and suggest a topic, if you wish.
Important Dates:
  • By February 14: Initial discussion with me regarding your lecture topic.
  • By February 28: Topic finalized and availability of dates for your lectures submitted.
  • TBD After Spring Break: You give (at least) two lectures


This course will draw from a variety of souces including

I will update this list as the semester progresses, for example to include references that are relevant for the topics you choose for your lectures.

Contact Information

Instructor: Margaret Beck
Office: MCS 228
Phone: 617-358-3314
Email: mabeck -at-
Office Hours: Mondays 2:30-3:30, Thursdays 3:30-4:30, or by appointment