Prospective graduate students:

Please note I have no funds to support summer internships for international students. Neither can I predict whether I will have support for a new student to join the group next year; that depends on the outcome of research proposals. If you are a prospective student interested in joining the group, the way to proceed is to gain admission to BU, and then see what the support situation is after gaining admission. I wish things were more predictable!

See, in particular the Computational Neuroscience Specialization as part of the Graduate Program for Neuroscience and the graduate program in Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University.

BU students & researchers:

Information for BU researchers: Prof. Eden and I host semi-weekly lab meetings to discuss topics related to computational modeling and data analysis in neuroscience. Researchers - experimental, computational, or theoretical - are invited to present their work. Contact Mark Kramer here for more info.

Information for BU graduate students: Graduate students in our lab address interdisciplinary problems at the interface of mathematics, statistics, neuroscience and medicine. This work requires extensive collaborations, and direct interactions with neuronal data. All students have at least two faculty mentors, typically with at least one mentor outside of Mathematics and Statistics (e.g., from Psychology, BME, Harvard/MGH, MIT). Graduate students in our group typically complete course work in differential equations (CAS MA 565, CAS MA 579), in statistics (GRS MA 681, GRS MA 703), and have strong backgrounds in computer programming (e.g., MATLAB).

If you're a graduate student at BU, and interested in learning more about our lab and research opportunities, please contact Mark Kramer here.