Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


Papers:  (Available as .pdf unless otherwise specified)

A New Phylogenetic Diversity Measure Generalizing the Shannon Index (with B. Allen and  Y. Bar Yam,  American Naturalist 174 (2009),236-243.


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Building transcription factor classifiers and discovering relevant biological features,  (with D. Holloway and C. DeLisi), BiologyDirect 3:22, 30 May 2008. Algorithm available here.


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Machine learning for regulatory analysis and transcription factor target prediction in yeast (with D. Holloway and C. DeLisi), Systems and Synthetic Biology 1 (2006), 25-46.                                                                                                              


Approximating functions in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces via statistical learning theory (with L. Raphael), in Splines and Wavelets, G. Chen and M.J. Lai, eds, (2006) 270-286

Machine learning methods for transcription data integration (with D. Holloway and C.DeLisi), IBM Journal of Research and Development 50(2006), 631-644 (Abstract only - Journal link is here)


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