Homework assigned between September 22 and October 1 - Do not submit for grading
Day Reading Exercises assigned
Monday, September 22 Appendix H:
pp. A68-A71 (area only - omit arc length)
Appendix H.2: #3,7,11,17,23
Wednesday, September 24 Section 9.6 Section 9.6: #2,15,19,23,25
Friday, September 26 Section 9.7

Section 10.5

Section 9.7: #1,2,3,5,7,9,13,17,20,25,29

Section 10.5: #2,11-16,27

Graphing applet* for Section 10.5: #27

Monday, September 29 Section 11.1 Section 11.1: #6,9,10,11,12,17,23,29,31-36,39

Graphing applet* for Section 11.1: #29 (Monkey saddle)

Wednesday, October 1 No additional assignment

*This graphing applet is a little tricky to use. You need to pick the right bounds on x, y, and z before you get a decent picture to rotate. You also need to adjust the grid spacing so that there is a decent number of grid curves. If you do not have java installed on your machine, you can get the runtime environment free at java.com.