Letters of Recommendation

  • When requesting a letter, please contact me a soon as possible. At least a month's notice is preferred and I may not be able to provide a letter with less than that notice.
  • When contacting me, please provide as much as possible of the following materials, which will help me organize and write my letter: A list of the programs/schools/jobs you'll be applying to, when my letter is due, C.V./resume, and any other application materials (such as personal/research/teaching statements). If they are not yet finished, near final-drafts will be sufficient.
  • Note for graduate level applications: I highly recommend you seek letters from your instructors in upper-level courses related to your specialty area. In most cases, a letter from a 100 or possibly even 200-level course may not be regarded well by application committees.
  • In all but extraordinary circumstances, I will only write a letter of recommendation for students in my 100-, and 200-level courses who received a grade of B+ or above.