MA 124-A3 Calculus II

MA 124-A3 - Calculus II

Course Information

Lecture A3: Lecture: Ryan Goh Time: Tuesday, Thursday, 8am-9:15am
Location STO B50
Office Hours :
Tuesday 1-3pm (priority for another class I am teaching),
Wednesday 10a-12pm (priority for MA 124),
or by appointment (please provide your availability when requesting an appointment)


Other course announcements and links for specifically Lecture A3

My office hours for the week of September 20th will be the following:
  • Wednesday 10a-12p virtually on my MA 124 Campuswire live room "#prof.-goh's-office-hours"
  • 9/2:
  • In my lecture, I will use Notes With Gaps. These basically are incomplete notes which I will "fill-in" during my lectures. I'll post them to the blackboard site the Sunday/Monday before each week's lectures, feel free to print them out or download onto your tablet and bring to the course. Tomorrow's lecture is posted there now! Students have found them useful as it helps them structure their notes (and not have to write as much), pay more attention to what's being discussed, and also preview what topics will be presented each week.
  • Starting, Sept. 7th, we will use Learning Catalytics for interactive work in lecture. This software can be accessed from your course home page in My Lab Math. Here is a Quick start guide to Learning Catalytics, after setting up MyMathLab. To participate in these sessions during the lecture you only need an internet connected device, such as a mobile phone, ipad, or laptop.
  • As I have another class to get to 15 minutes after our class period, I will unfortunately be unable to hang around and answer questions after lecture. To make up for this, I will try to leave a minute or two at the end of class time for any last minute questions. I will also arrive to class 5-10 minutes early. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions!
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