MA 226 A1 Differential Equations

MA 226 A1 - Remote Learning Plan/Guide

Overall the course will now be run through the A1 section page for this course in Blackboard. This will be were Lectures are posted, Homework turned in, and Quizes taken. See below for details on each facet of the course and please let me know if you have any questions or are unable to access any of this.


Lectures will be held virtually on the same time and days as regularly scheduled. Links to each Zoom meeting can be found in in the announcement section of the homepage of the A1 blackboard page. They can also be found in the "Zoom Meetings" tab on the left. Information on how to get started with Zoom can be found here and here. I will continue using "NotesWithGaps" as before, and will post the filled in notes after lecture.
I will be muting all participants during each Zoom lecture, but you can pose questions in the chat feature inside Zoom. I will periodically check the chat to answer questions. Please do not unmute yourself to ask a question. With 125 students, this would become a mess very quickly. I will unmute you to ask a question if it is possible and time allows. In order to keep things orderly, please refrain from using chat unless you have a question (in other words: No spamming, this is not Twitch!). You can also use the "Raise hand feature" in the Participants tab of Zoom and if time, I will unmute you to answer the question. These lectures will be recorded and uploaded to the "Lecture Recordings" tab in the A1 section menu. Of course, if you choose to keep your video on, please remember that myself and the rest of the class will be able to see your video :)

Discussion Sections

These will be run via Zoom as well, during the scheduled times and days. During these sessions, the TF will work through examples and answer your questions (as well as popular ones posted on Piazza throughout the week). Meeting ID's will also be posted on the "Zoom Meetings" tab and the Announcments section of the A1 section Blackboard page. Quizzes will no longer be administered, and Homework is no longer due in discussion sections (see below). Please try to attend your registered discussion section so that the numbers are kept relatively balenced across all of the sessions. If you attend a different section, please defer to other students when asking/posting questions.

Office Hours

I have created a class discussion board on Piazza, accessible via a tab in the A1 Blackboard page menu. You can post, answer, and discuss questions on the course material there with your fellow classmates and get answers from Prof. Goh and the TF. Our office hour schedule will stay the same. I plan on answering questions though Piazza during this time, as well as hosting a Zoom meeting (ID in same location as other meetings) where people can join and ask questions.


Homeworks will now be submitted using the "Turnitin" system in blackboard. Go to the Homework tab in the A1 blackboard page and upload homework there. Continue to use the guidelines previously posted to prepare your homework. Submit your homework in PDF form only. This means if you write out your solutions on paper, please scan it into PDF format. Most computers and phones have this capability. See here for Android instructions, and here for iOS instructions. OF course if you have a tablet you can just compose everything on it and save as a PDF to be uploaded.
In the Turnitin upload form, be sure to choose the correct name in the "Author" drop down menu (also write your identifying info on the scanned document as listed in the guideline).
For all sections (A2-A6), homework is now due each Wednesday at 10:00AM and must be submitted through the correct Turnitin link in blackboard. Do not wait till the last minute to submit the work. You will not be allowed to submit homework after the due date/time has passed. To account for any electronic/system mishaps, an additional lowest quiz score will be dropped. Thus, now your lowest three scores over the semester will be dropped. As before, makeups for missed assignments will not be allowed for any reason, including electronic mishaps. Graders will grade two problems as before and your scores will be immediately posted when done.


These will be short assessments administered through Blackboard. Go to the Quiz tab in the A1 course page. You will have 15 minutes to complete the quiz, and get one attempt. These are meant to be quick checks of your learning. You may take the quiz anytime between Tuesday at 8:00AM and Wednesday at 10:00AM . To account for additional electronic mishaps, an additional lowest quiz score will be dropped. Thus your lowest 3 quiz scores will be dropped. As before, makeups for missed quizzes will not be allowed for any reason.

Midterms and Finals

We are still working out the logistics of this and will update this page when we have settled on a plan. It will most likely be a combination of blackboard problems and free response problems to be submitted via the Turnitin system with a time limit.

Academic Honesty

Remeber the BU conduct code on academic honesty. You may discuss homework problems with others, but you must write up and submit work on your own. Quizzes and exams must be taken by yourself and please refrain from discussing answers until after the quiz deadline passes.
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