Multivariate Calculus - Fall 2017
(MA 225)
Section B

Meets on: Tuesday, Thursday/ 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm at CAS 224

Discussion Sections: To be held by TBA

Teaching Fellow
  • Angus Mcandrew
  • Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2pm - 3pm, to be held in MCS B24 (Note that this is NOT Angus' office!)

Office Hours (at MCS 232)
  • Wed: 11 am - 12 pm



Below you will find suggested homework problems from the book. The homework WILL NOT BE COLLECTED, however there will be QUIZZES in the discussion sections (the dates of the quizzes will NOTbe announced, and each section will have their independent quiz dates! meaning; section 1 on Wed didn't have a quiz doesn't mean section 2 won't have it either), which will be based on the homework problems.

Q. How is the quiz grade calculated?

Q. I have questions about the material in class, what should I do?

Quiz Solutions:

  • A tentative syllabus is here. Note that the syllabus is subject to change as we move along.


  • There will be two midterms, a final and weekly quizes. Their weights will be:
    • Final: 30%
    • Midterms: 25%
    • Quiz: 20% 

Exam Dates

Don't miss an exam unless otherwise is inevitable (Makeups tend to be much harder than the exam itself.)!  If there is an unavoidable circumstance that will force you to miss an exam you need to get an official letter explaining the situation (from your doctor and/or dean) and send me an email immediately.
No notes, notebooks, books, calculators etc. are allowed in the exams and quizzes. Cheating and/or plagiarism will not be tolareted.