• Perhaps of your interest. "eLife | Open access to outstanding advances in life science and biomedicine. From the most fundamental and theoretical work, through to translational, applied, and clinical research".
  • If you use LaTeX and Python, you're going to love PythonTeX. "A LaTeX package that allows Python code entered within a TeX document to be executed, and the output to be included in the original document".
  • Don't you know yet about PeerJ? "a new peer reviewed journal with the belief that it doesn't cost thousands to publish Open Access or maintain high scientific integrity".
  • I am glad to be a new supporting member of KDE. You can also Join The Game... Just click the widget on the right.
  • If your are a Neuroscientist and use Debian or its derivatives K/Ubuntu, you may want to take a look at the Debian Neuroscience Repository.