Sachi Hashimoto

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Hello! I am a PhD Student in the Department of Mathematics at Boston University. I completed my B.A. in mathematics at the University of Chicago. My advisor is Jennifer Balakrishnan.

My work is supported by a Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

E-mail: svh [at] bu [dot] edu

Office: MCS B32



I am broadly interested in number theory and algebraic geometry. More specifically, I am interested in rational points and explicit methods in arithmetic geometry.

38406501359372282063949 & all that: Monodromy of Fano Problems (with Borys Kadets).

Chabauty-Coleman computations on rank 1 Picard curves (with Travis Morrison).

Computing rational points on rank 0 genus 3 hyperelliptic curves (with María Inés de Frutos-Fernández).

Here are some expository notes with Hannah Larson on the geometric quadratic Chabauty theory of Edixhoven and Lido (these are a work in progress).

Here are slides from my talk at Wesleyan about my recent work on computing rational points on a database of genus 3 curves with small Mordell-Weil rank using Chabauty-Coleman methods. This is joint work with María Inés de Frutos-Fernández and Travis Morrison.

In Fall 2019 I organized Gross Zagier Seminar, BU's Student Number Theory Seminar.

Teaching and Outreach