My research is based in the methodology of associated data analysis in systems and network contexts, namely of statistical estimation and inference in high-dimensional discrete spaces.

Domains of Attraction

Foundations of network data analysis
Systems modeling

Numerical Optimization
Graph Algorithms

Biological systems
Neurological systems
Social networks

--Wes Viles--

Current Position
University of Southern Maine
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Postdoctoral Position
Dartmouth College
Research Associate
Department of Biomedical Data Science

Degree Institution
Boston University
Ph.D. in Mathematics, January 2014
Department of Mathematics and Statistics


--Wes Viles--

Recent Manuscripts and Publications

Weston D. Viles, Juliette C. Madan, Hongzhe Li, Jason H. Moore, Margaret R. Karagas, and Anne G. Hoen (2017) Widespread third-order interactions modulate the human gut microbiota network. Submitted: Nature: Ecology & Evolution

Weston D. Viles and A. James O'Malley (2017) Constrained community detection in social networks. Submitted: JASA: Applications and Case Studies [arXiv]

Prakash Balachandran, Eric D. Kolaczyk, and Weston D. Viles (2017) On the propagation of low-rate measurement error to subgraph counts in large, sparse networks. Journal of Machine Learning Research 18(61) 1-33 [JMLR]

Weston D. Viles, Cedric Ginestet, Ariana Tang, Mark A. Kramer, and Eric D. Kolaczyk (2016) Percolation under noise: detecting explosive percolation using the second largest component. Physical Review E (PRE) 93: 052301 [arXiv]

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--Wes Viles--


Fax: 207-780-5607
E-mail: weston.viles@maine.edu
The ARPANET in January 1970