Wan-Chi Hsin

I am a second year PhD student in the department of Statistics at Boston University. My PhD advisor is Professor Uri Eden and we are now working on neural signal processing and neural computation for exploring and analyzing brain activity. Previously, I obtained a BSc in Applied Mathematics in Taiwan and a M.S. in Statistics from Indiana University under the supervision of Professor Stanley Wasserman.

I am now working as a statistical consultant in the MSSP Consulting Center at BU, also guiding Master’s students in their consulting projects.

Contact Info:

   Email: whsin@bu.edu
   Office: MCS B46B
   111 Cummington Mall
   Boston, MA 02215 USA

   Office Hours: By appointment


“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” - Aristotle.


I am particularly interested in statistical approaches to network analysis. Previously, I worked with Professor Stanley Wasserman at Indiana University and focused on statistical methodologies for social network analysis. After moving to Boston University, I began working with Professor Uri Eden on statistical methods for analyzing neural activity.

Previous Work:

Driven by an interest in understanding human social and psychological behavior, I worked with Professor Stanley Wasserman on statistical approaches for analyzing longitudinal network data in social science. More specifically, we focused on the stochastic actor-oriented model (SAOM) and the temporal exponential random graph model (TERGM) for network dynamics. Given that the SAOM and the TERGM share a similar mathematical core, we would like to determine which model is more consistent with dynamic network process and how stochastic process leads to the differences by empirical comparison.


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