Wan-Chi Hsin

I am a fourth year Statistics PhD student at Boston University. My PhD advisor is Professor Uri Eden and my co-advisor is Professor Emily Stephen. My research is about using statistical modeling tools to help us understand the dynamics of coordinated neural activity across multiple brain areas, track spatial-temporal changes in functional connectivity and capture any sources of linkages and any types of phase offsets. Previously, I obtained a BSc in Applied Mathematics in Taiwan and a MS in Statistics from Indiana University under the supervision of Professor Stanley Wasserman.

Contact Info:

   Email: whsin@bu.edu
   Office: MCS 229B
   111 Cummington Mall
   Boston, MA 02215 USA

   Office Hours: By appointment


“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” - Aristotle.


I am particularly interested in statistical approaches to network analysis. Previously, I worked with Professor Stanley Wasserman at Indiana University and focused on statistical methodologies for social network analysis. After moving to Boston University, I began working with Professor Uri Eden on statistical methods for analyzing neural activities.


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