Boston University Number Theory Seminar

Boston University Number Theory Seminar -- Spring 2014

Mondays, 4:15pm in MCS B21
Tea/Cookies at 4:00pm in MCS 144

Schedule of talks (talks at 4:15 in room MCS B21 unless stated otherwise)

DATE      SPEAKER                  TITLE           
January 27 Li-Mei Lim
(Boston College)
Counting Square Disciminants
Feb. 3 The BU Number Theory Group
Panel discussion on journals
Feb. 10 Florian Herzig
(Univ. of Toronto)
On mod p local-global compatibility for GL(3) in the ordinary case
Feb. 24 Przemyslaw Chojecki
On p-adic non-abelian Lubin-Tate theory
Mar. 3 Kamal Khuri-Makdisi
(American Univ. of Beirut)
Periods of modular forms and
identities between Eisenstein series
Mar. 17 Kestutis Cesnavicius
The l-parity conjecture over the constant quadratic extension
Mar. 24 Joshua Zelinksy
Counting Ray Class Characters and the
Artin Primitive Root Conjecture
Mar. 31 Erick Knight
The mod p cohomology of the Drinfeld tower
April 7 Hansheng Diao
The eigencurve is proper
Apr. 28 Brandon Levin
Moduli of finite flat group schemes
and local models

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