Boston University Number Theory Seminar

Boston University Number Theory Seminar -- Fall 2015

Mondays, 4:15pm in MCS B21
Tea/Cookies at 4:00pm in MCS 144

Schedule of talks (talks at 4:15 in room MCS B21 unless stated otherwise)

DATE      SPEAKER                  TITLE           
Sep. 14 Rebecca Bellovin
Local ε-isomorphisms in families
Sep. 21 Kiran Kedlaya
On categories of (φ, Γ)-modules
Sep. 28 Paul Monsky
A space of mod 2 modular forms of level 3 and its Hecke algebra
Oct. 5 Tasho Kaletha
On the automorphic spectrum of non-quasi-split groups
Oct. 19 Chantal David
(Concordia Univ./ICERM)
One-level density in one-parameter families of elliptic curves with non-zero average root number
Oct. 26 Ana Caraiani
On vanishing of torsion in the cohomology of Shimura varieties
Nov. 2 Alina Bucur
Effective Sato-Tate (under GRH)
Nov. 9 Frank Thorne
(Univ. of South Carolina)
Sieve Methods for Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces
Nov. 16 Ari Shnidman
(Boston College)
Selmer groups in families of cubic twists
Nov. 23 Cristian Popescu
Iwasawa theory of abstract p-adic 1-motives and applications
Nov. 30 Jesse Elliott
Dedekind, Krull, and factorial rings with or without zerodivisors
Dec. 7 Bao Viet Le Hung
(Univ. of Chicago)

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