Boston University Number Theory Seminar

Boston University Number Theory Seminar -- Fall 2016

Mondays, 4:15pm in MCS B21
Tea/Cookies at 4:00pm in MCS 144

Schedule of talks (talks at 4:15 in room MCS B21 unless stated otherwise)

DATE      SPEAKER                  TITLE           
Sep. 12 John Bergdall
(Boston University)
On p-adic L-functions for finite slope modular forms
Sep. 19 Alvaro Lozano-Robledo
(University of Connecticut)
A probabilistic model for the distribution of ranks of elliptic curves
Sep. 26 Henry Cohn
(Microsoft Research New England)
The sphere packing problem in dimensions 8 and 24
Oct. 17 Michael Chou
(University of Connecticut)
Growth of torsion on elliptic curves from Q to the maximal abelian extension
Oct. 24 Alison Miller
(Harvard University)
Algebraic knot invariants, arithmetic invariant theory, and asymptotics
Oct. 31 Jared Weinstein
(Boston University)
An introduction to the local Langlands correspondence
Nov. 7 Ari Shnidman
(Boston College)
Ranks of elliptic curves in twist families with a 3-isogeny
Nov. 14 Robert Lemke Oliver
(Tufts University)
Unexpected biases in the distribution of consecutive primes
Nov. 21 Bin Zhao
(University of Conneticut)
Slopes of modular forms and the Ghost conjecture
Nov. 28 Sneha Chaubey
(University of Illinois)
Zeros of combinations of derivatives of the Riemann xi function on the critical line
Dec. 5 Naomi Tanabe
(Dartmouth College)
Non-vanishing of central L-values for Rankin-Selberg convolutions
Dec. 12 Jennifer Balakrishnan
(Boston University)
p-adic methods for rational points on curves

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