JAVA Applets

As part of the Dynamical Systems and Technology Project, we have developed several JAVA Applets for use in exploring the topics of chaos and fractals. These applets are designed to accompany the four booklets in the series A Toolkit of Dynamics Activities, published by Key Curriculum Press.

Important Notice: Security has been greatly enhanced recently on the web for java applets like those on this page. Because of this, you may have problems accessing these applets. If so, you can remedy this as follows (for Mac users --- a similar procedure should work for PC users, but I don't know the details).

Here is how to correct problems with access to these applets:

You should now have accesss to these applets.

Applets associated with the book Fractals include:

Applets associated with the book Chaos include:

Applets associated with the book The Mandelbrot and Julia Sets include the following. These applets are also part of the Mandelbrot Set Explorer, an interactive tutorial associated with this book.

Applets for computing the parameter planes and Julia sets for other complex functions. These applets are really a research tool for me and my students, but we place them here so other people can see the interesting parameter planes and Julia sets that arise from iteration of certain non-quadratic complex functions in the complex plane.

Applets associated with the book Iteration include:

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