Angus' Exciting and Interesting Home Page

Hi, my name is Angus McAndrew! I am currently a postdoctoral research at the Mathematical Science Institute at the Australian National University. My interest in mathematics is broad, but my recent work has been in the areas of Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

I'm on the job market this year!

Previously I was a PhD student in Mathematics at Boston University. My research advisor was Jared Weinstein. Prior to that, I was at Melbourne University, where I completed a BSc, MSc and MPhil, all in Mathematics. The latter two were under the supervision of Alex Ghitza.

Here is a copy of my CV (updated Dec 2021).

If you'd like to reach me, I can often be found in my office: 4.55, Hanna Neumann Building

If you prefer email, you can reach me at: angus.mcandrew(at)anu(dot)edu(dot)au.