AguĂȘmon Yves AtchadĂ©

I'm Professor of Statistics at  Boston University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. My current research interests revolve around computational methods in statistics, with an emphasis on high-dimensional problems.
  • A central theme of my research are Monte Carlo methods. My current research explores the possibilities and limits of Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods in dealing with posterior or quasi-posterior distributions that arise from high-dimensional Bayesian (or quasi-Bayesian) inference in regression and graphical models. In optimization, my current research revolves around the use of stochastic methods in optimization, and whether (and how) this can help tackle large scale statistical problems.
  • I also have a growing interest in the use of remote sensing data to study social and environmental issues in Africa.
  • I have a postdoc opening on high-dimensional Bayesian asymptotics and computation. Email me if interested.

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