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Gabriel Koch Ocker

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University
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I work in theoretical neuroscience, studying structure-function relations in neuronal network models. How does neural activity encode sensory information and drive behavior? How do neural circuits evolve, learn, and adapt to shape that activity? How does that connectivity shape activity, and what computations does that activity perform? My group studies models of neural circuits, often using tools drawn from dynamical systems, stochastic processes and statistical physics. We also test the predictions of these models in neural data, working with experimental collaborators.


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Spring 2023, MA 562: Methods of Applied Mathematics 2.

Fall 2022, MA 561: Methods of Applied Mathematics 1.

Spring 2022, NE 204: Introduction to computational models fo brain and behavior.

Fall 2021, MA 861: Applied Math Seminar (Current topics in theoretical neuroscience).

Spring 2021, NE 204: Introduction to computational models of brain and behavior.

Fall 2020, MA 861: Applied Math Seminar (Current topics in theoretical neuroscience).


Caitlin Lienkaemper (Postdoc, Center for Systems Neuroscience)

Marcus Blackburn (BME MS, next: machine learning engineer, Advent Health Partners)