Boston University Number Theory Seminar

Boston University Number Theory Seminar -- Spring 2024

Mondays 4:00-5:00 in CDS 548

There will be a tea from 3:30-4:00 in the same room

DATE      SPEAKER                  TITLE           
January 22
Niven Achenjang
The Average Size of 2-Selmer Groups of Elliptic Curves over Function Fields
January 29
Aashraya Jha
(Boston University)
The Brauer group of Y_0(2)
February 5
Jordan Ellenberg
(University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Modular Quadratic Chabauty: a series of speculations and computations with no theorems
February 12
Dan Abramovich
(Brown University)
Logarithmic resolution of singularities using algebraic stacks
February 21 (Wednesday!)
(CDS 365, 2:30-3.30)
Valia Gazaki
(University of Virginia)
Hyperelliptic Curves mapping to Abelian Surfaces and Applications to Beilinson's Conjecture for zero-cycles
February 26
Jared Weinstein
(Boston University)
Integral Ax-Sen-Tate theory
March 4
Paul Gunnells
(UMass Amherst)
Modular symbols over function fields
March 18
Spencer Leslie
(Boston College)
Endoscopy in the relative Langlands program
March 25
Shabnam Akhtari
(Penn State)
Orders in Quartic Number Fields and Classical Diophantine Equations
April 1
Borys Kadets
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Groups of points on abelian and Jacobian varieties over finite fields
April 8
Kumar Murty
(Fields Institute)
Pair correlation and the Chebotarev Density Theorem
April 22
Santiago Arango
(Emory University)
Counting 5-isogenies of elliptic curves over the rationals
April 29
Salim Tayou
(Harvard University)
Vanishing of Brauer classes on K3 surfaces under reduction

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