Books, Books, Books

A friend and former supervisor of mine once said that I was the only person she knew who, if you asked "Do you have a book on..." and named just about any subject, the answer would be "Yes, why?" So here's a few random subjects with a short bibliography. As with the mathematics bibliography, these selections are highly biased and by no means constitute an objective list.

Subjects in this list are:

Medieval Science

Giles of Rome and the Medieval Theory of Conception, M. Anthony Hewish.
Hewish discusses not only the medieval theories of conception, but also development (what we might call embryology) and a number of other ideas that were current in the 13th century.

Things Japanese

Secrets of the Samurai, by Westbrook and Ratti.
Don't be put off by the title; it's actually a fairly sober account of the samurai, with a sizable section on the martial arts in general.

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