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The thesis is done (hurray!) but construction continues: there are many coming attractions. Check out my vita, or my teaching philosophy, or read an editorial column.

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Where are the pictures?

This web page has very few pictures on it. In fact, the construction.gif is about the only one on the home page. There are a few reasons for this. The major one is that I haven't found any good pictures (an hours' worth of work on Alta Vista failed to turn up any useful pictures of Charles V, and a really bad picture of Lagrange that I did use, but it's so-so. I do have scannable pics, though, but I'd like to avoid running afoul of copyright law (in other words, I still need to check out a few legal angles...).

Besides, think of it as a useful feature of this page: even if you forget to set your browser to "Image Autoload --- Not" this web page will still load pretty quickly. If you want lots of pretty pictures and are using an ethernet connection or something nice and speedy, try the Math Department home page.