Favorite and/or Useful Web Pages

These are in no particular order. For starters, there's How to make a web page, something I think everyone who surfs the web should know about.

For my own reference, here's how you can find jobs in mathematics. (I'd prefer you didn't...competition is tough enough as it is. And if you happen to get a job in mathematics through this web page, please be merciful and don't tell me that you found a job through a link on my web page!)

I stargaze. I also think astrology is a bunch of hokum that has all the accuracy of a chinese fortune cookie, with none of the benefits, since you can't eat the newspaper, but you can eat the cookie. But if you want to know about the stars, here's a nice place to learn about the constellations and the planets of the solar system.

I admit, I think highly of myself...of course, I don't necessarily take myself seriously. But it's nice when someone else does, especially when I am addressing a serious subject like overpopulation. I show that it is physically impossible for science and technology to keep up with population growth forever, as a few hard numbers will prove.

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