Courses in Dynamical Systems
At Boston University

MA 226 Ordinary Differential Equations

MA 471/671 Chaotic Dynamical Systems

MA 561 Methods of Applied Math I

MA 562 Methods of Applied Math II

MA 565 Mathematical Models in the Life Sciences

MA 573 Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

MA 579 Numerical Methods for Biological Sciences

MA 771 Discrete Dynamical Systems

MA 775 Ordinary Differential Equations

MA 776 Partial Differential Equations

MA 871 and MA 872 Seminars in Dynamical Systems

MA 876 Seminar in Partial Differential Equations

There are several other courses that may be of interest, such as MA 777, Multiscale Analysis, and MA 861, Numerical Methods for PDEs, which will become a regularly offerred 700-level course soon. Note that math graduate students can get course credit for any course numbered 500 or higher (except MA 671). Prerequisites are strong suggestions; alternatively students may obtain the consent of the instructor to take a course. For a complete list of math department course information, including current semester course offerings, please go here.

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