The Boston University
Ordinary Differential Equations Project

Project Directors:

Paul Blanchard
Robert L. Devaney
Glen R. Hall


This project, originally funded by two grants from the National Science Foundation, promotes the use of ideas from the modern theory of dynamical systems in the traditional sophomore-level course in differential equations. Qualitative, analytic, and numerical approaches are stressed throughout the course. We have written a textbook published by Brooks/Cole that supports our approach, and occasionally we conduct workshops at various sites around the country.

Please note:

Our publisher is Brooks/Cole, a division of Cengage Learning. To contact Brooks/Cole for faculty support, call 800-354-9706 (ISBN numbers and information about ancillaries).

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Upcoming Workshops and Talks

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Faculty Support and Ancillary Material

Spanish Edition

Who are we?

Bugs and Other Infelicities in version 2 of DETools (distributed with the third edition of book)

Errors and Other Infelicities in the Fourth Edition

Paul Blanchard's course web page for Spring 2010

Robert L. Devaney's course web page for Fall 2016

Selected Articles on Teaching Differential Equations

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