Siu-Cheong Lau



August 2022

We have had a wonderful Focused Research Group Workshop at Banff International Research Station! Great to meet you, my friends and collaborators!

All trips have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Wish all stay healthy and safe!

December 2019

First time at Australia! Attended a workshop at MATRIX Institute on Tropical Geometry and Mirror Symmetry.

My talk: Floer-theoretical gluing for pair-of-pants decompositions

Special thanks to Cheol-Hyun's driving!

Attended the Annual ICCM Meeting at Sanya.

My talk: Open Gromov-Witten invariants in SYZ mirror symmetry.

My great pleasure to receive the Best Paper Award for my joint work with Kwokwai Chan, Naichung Conan Leung and Hsian-Hua Tseng on Open Gromov-Witten Invariants and Seidel Representations.

August 2019

Attended the Conference "New Structures in Algebraic Geometry and their Symplectic Interpretations Workshop" at the Fields Institute. It is a part of the thematic program "Homological Algebra of Mirror Symmetry".

My talk: Equivariant disc potential of SYZ torus fibrations

I like Toronto!^^

June 2019

Attended the CUHK Alumni Conference. Very happy to meet my teachers and old friends!

Attended the ICCM at Beijing. Have wonderful celebrations for Yau's birthday both at Hong Kong and Beijing!

My talk: T-equivariant SYZ construction

May 2019

My great pleasure to visit Ben Webster at Perimeter Institute!

March 2019

I am organizing the AMS Special Session at Hawaii: SYZ mirror symmetry and enumerative geometry in March 22-24, 2019.

My first time to Hawaii. Looking forward for the next chance to come!

January 2019

Mirror Symmetry Workshop at Tsinghua-Sanya International Mathematics Forum

My talk: noncommutative SYZ mirror construction

November 2018

Simons collaboration workshop on homological mirror symmetry

October 2018

Workshop on Wall-crossing formula and open GW invariants at IBS, Korea

My talk: Completing SYZ mirrors by Lagrangian immersions

July 2018

June 2018

AMS/CMS joint meeting at Fudan University

My talk: SYZ for Gr(2,4) and OG(1,5)

May 2018

NCTS Symplectic Expedition

My talk: Immersed Lagrangians - the origin of quantum corrections in SYZ

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

June 2017

May 2017

Gromov-Witten Theory, Hodge Theory and Mirror Symmetry

April 2017

Perspectives of Mathematics in the 21st Century:
Conference in Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Mathematics Disciplines of Tsinghua University

March 2012

My wife and I have had a super wonderful marriage celebration in IPMU! You couldn’t believe that serious scientists in IPMU are also brilliant musicians! They form an orchestra with violins, cello, flutes and piano to play wedding songs for us.  Bravo! 

These traditional bride and groom dolls and cake are handmade from secretaries in IPMU!

February 2012

I travelled to Kobe University for four days to listen to a lecture series on Eynard-Orantin recursion by Murase and to attend the workshop on integrable systems and mirror symmetry.  I understood much better on EO recursion now after Murase’s beautiful lectures.  Iritani’s talk on LG/CY correspondence also interests me a lot.

First place: University of California, Berkeley.  Many thanks to Denis Auroux, whose email response is always immediate and helpful! I gave a talk on Open Mirror Symmetry for Toric Manifolds in the North California Symplectic Geometry Seminar at Stanford University.

April-May 2012

Second place: University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Having intense discussions on Lagrangian Floer theory and matrix factorizations with Conan Leung, Cheol-Hyun Cho, Chit Ma, Yunxia Chen... Conan always come up with interesting ideas! What a valuable trip!

I have also given an informal talk in the symplectic geometry seminar.

Third place: Oberwolfach, Germany.  I am attending a workshop on toric geometry.  It is a beautiful place on a mountain, which is isolated from surroundings and a limitation on internet is imposed on purpose (to force participants to concentrate!).  The talks are very interesting and well-organized in general!  Enjoyed interesting discussions with Kaoru Ono, Dong-Youp Suh, Bernd Siebert, Miguel Abreu, Christopher Woodward, Duco van Straten, Megumi Harada...

I have given a talk on Open Gromov-Witten Invariants on Toric Manifolds in the workshop.

Forth place: Ohio State University.  I spent most of the time talking with my collaborator Hsian-Hua Tseng on computing open Gromov-Witten invariants.  Our discussions were very fruitful!

Hsian-Hua and his wife brought us to some very good restaurants.  Their child is so cute^^

I have given a seminar talk on Enumerative Meaning of Mirror Maps for Toric Manifolds.

Thank to the  Overseas Research Program at IPMU, I am visiting several places in US and Germany in April and May.  It is certainly a fruitful journey!

Fifth place: University of San Diego, California.  I am visiting Mark Gross here.  I have learnt from him a lot about the Gross-Siebert program and his project on theta functions with Hacking and Keel.  His explanations are very helpful!

The beach and Balboa park are excellent! My wife and I like them a lot! Thanks to Mandy’s tasty cooking and Kit’s ride!

I have given a talk on Open Gromov-Witten Invariants for Toric Manifolds.

Sixth place: Simons Center, Stony Brook University. I attended the workshop String Theory for Mathematicians.  The talks were very interesting, and the video show on wall-crossing by Andy Neitzke was awesome!  The discussion with Sean Keel was helpful.  Kwokwai Chan was also there and I enjoyed our discussions a lot.

I have given a talk on Open GW invariants and Seidel elements of Toric Manifolds in the workshop.

Seventh (last) place: Northwestern University.  I stayed here for two weeks.  The first week was a workshop on algebraic microlocal analysis.  During the visit I talked with Eric Zaslow, Cheol-Hyun Cho, Si Li and Yushen Lin on SYZ mirror symmetry, wall-crossing, quantization...  The discussions were very helpful and enjoyable!

Many delicious restaurants nearby!

I have attended a 5-day workshop on Geometry and Physics of the Landau-Ginzburg Model at IPMU.  It is really an exciting workshop with so many great people here!

June 2012

My wife and I started our new life at Cambridge, US!  I met with some old and new friends here: Yi-Jen Lee, Man-Chuen Cheng, Yu-Shen Lin, Jie Zhou... and even a former Dean of the Art Faculty of my alma mater and his wife! Thanks to Yi-Jen, Villen and some friends of my wife, finally we got settled down and have good time enjoying the beautiful view of the Charles river!

July 2012

I have attended the FRG Workshop on Generalized Geometry, String Theory and DeformationsYau’s talk on a revolutionary approach to differential geometry was very enlightening.  Mboyo’s talk on elliptic fibrations and F-theory was also clear and interesting.  I have given a talk on Open Mirror Theorem and Crepant Resolution Conjecture.

This is a wonderful warm-up for my BP journey in Harvard!

August 2012

I freed myself from preparing teaching materials this weekend to attend the Yamabe Symposium at Minnesota.  I’ve met some friends there: Conan Leung, Melissa Liu, Hsian-Hua Tseng, Tian-Jun Li, Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine, Wei-Wei Wu, Er-Kao Bao... A very well-organized conference!

October 2012

Current Developments in Mathematics is a yearly conference organized at Harvard.  This year, Mark Gross has given a wonderful talk on SYZ mirror symmetry.  He has also had a wonderful afternoon discussion with us on several related topics.

The conference dinner was very nice.  This year the number of people suddenly went up compared with the past few years, and Yau had to order two more tables! Many friends were here: Melissa Liu, Hsian-Hua Tseng, Si Li, Junwu Tu, Bohan Fang, Yu-Shen Lin, Jie Zhou...

November 2012

I have attended the conference Mirror Symmetry in the Midwest during Nov 8 - 11 at University of Wisconsin, Madison organized by Andrei Caldararu and Yong-Geun OhCostello has given a useful mini-course on higer-genus B model.  The talks by Melissa Liu, Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hsian-Hua Tseng were also very interesting.

I have also given a talk on “From SYZ to open mirror symmetry”.

January 2013

I have attended the conference on Homological Mirror Symmetry at University of Miami during Jan 28 to Feb 1.  It is a wonderful yearly conference.  Many great leaders in mirror symmetry gave lectures in the conference, and it is also a good place for discussion and making friends under the pleasant sunshine along the beautiful beach.  This year there were three mini-courses by Abouzaid, Keel and Kontsevich.  Marvelous!

July 2013

The 6th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM) was held in Taipei.  I have attended this wonderful conference for four times since I was an undergraduate student.  It brought happy surprise to me every time! In the banquet, Mathematicians were invited to sing a song on the stage (including Conan, Chin-Lung and Yu-Yong)! I realized most mathematicians are really great singers!

It was my great honor to receive the gold medal of PhD thesis.  I gave a talk on “SYZ mirror symmetry”, in which I discussed my recent work with C.-H. Cho and H.-S. Hong on generalized SYZ and mirror functor which I found very interesting.

In the picture:

Right: Gold medal of PhD thesis

Left: An even more precious one: Lucia Lau (6 weeks old)

April 2013

I was invited to give a talk in J-holomorphic Curves in Symplectic Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Conference at Montreal.  Abouzaid has given a beautiful mini-course on symplectic cohomology.

My talk was on “Open toric mirror theorem and crepant resolution conjecture”, which is about the crepant resolution conjecture in the open sector.

August 2013

Gelfand Centennial conference was held at MIT during Aug 28 - Sep 2.  It was a wonderful conference with many interesting and illuminating talks.  I like very much the talks by Witten on super-Riemann surface, Orlov on phantum in derived category, Seidel on symmetry on category, and Kontsevich on stability conditions for Fukaya category.

October 2013

I attended the Workshop on Enumerative geometry and Calabi-Yau varieties at Fields Institute during Oct 15-19.  Many of the talks contain important and interesting conjectures.  I liked the talk by Jim Bryan on Donaldson-Thomas invariants and crepant resolution conjecture a lot, which gave me an overview and some important arguments which I could (pretend to) understand.

November 2013

Witten spoke in the conference Current Developments in Mathematics at Harvard on Jones polynomials and Khovanov homology.  This is so much related to the reading course on TQFT that I am supervising.  The Floer theoretical viewpoint to Khovanov homology is very interesting, especially when one compares with Gromov-Witten invariants.

December 2013

I visited Michigan State University and University of Michigan and gave talks on SYZ and Mirror Functor.  I am pleased to meet up with Weiwei Wu and Yongbin Ruan.

I stayed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for more than a month.  I have had happy time with Conan, Kwokwai, Garrett, Erkao, Kai Leung, Zi Ming and many others.  I gave a talk in the workshop MIST.  I have also visited Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and gave a talk there.

January 2014

I attended the conference Calabi-Yau geometry and Mirror Symmetry at Taiwan University.  It is a great conference and much more concentrated than usual ones.  Almost all attendants knew each other and we have great collaborations and discussions there.

I gave a talk on Generalized SYZ Mirror Symmetry in the conference, and I am glad that many people are interested in the topic and asked a lot of good  questions.

June 2014

I went to Geneva to attend the conference Geometry, Quantum Topology and Asymptotics.  The participants are mainly mathematicians working on knot theory and mirror symmetry.  I am very pleased to learn a linkage between the two subjects in the conference.

I gave a talk on SYZ in local conifold transitions in the conference.  I believe this is a good topic to study in relation with knot theory.

The workshop was held in Confucius Institute.  We have watched a beautiful show on Chinese calligraphy in the Institute^^

July 2014

I gave a summer course on SYZ, Lagrangian Floer theory and stability at Tsinghua University.  The class consists of many excellent students and I hope some of them will become stars in mathematics.

I gave a talk on Localized mirror functor in the Workshop on Mathematical Physics and Number Theory orgainzed by Wenxuan Lu and Shenghao Sun.  I am grateful to Wenxuan Lu and Si Li for bringing me to some wonderful places and having nice dinners in Beijing.

August 2014

It is my pleasure to speak in the ICM Satellite Conference Homological Mirror Symmetry and Symplectic Topology.  The conference began with Gross’ talk and ended with Siebert’s talk^^ It was orgainzed very well and we had a wonderful memory on Asian tranditional culture (besides mathematics).

I also attended the ICM, and this is my first time realizing by eyes that there are so many mathematicians around the world! Fock’s talk on Integrable Systems is awesome.  I am very glad to have fruitful discussions with Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hansol Hong during the conference.

October 2014

Although this is October, I gave a summer course on SYZ and mirror functor at University of Freiburg, Germany.  The course by Paul Aspinwall was excellent and I have learnt a lot about the B-side story.

Many thanks to Emanuel Scheidegger for the invitation.  I enjoyed the visit a lot, and I am very glad to meet Sven there.

I also visited Columbia University and UCLA within the same month.  Many thanks to Melissa Liu and Kefeng Liu for the invitations!

December 2014

I attended the conference Current Developments of Mirror Symmetry at the newly built Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum at Hainan.  The place is in vacation-village style which is rather enjoyable. The conference was organized by Kontsevich and Soibelman, and great people were there.

I gave a talk on A constructive approach to homological mirror symmetry.

January 2015

Busy travels! I visited Boston University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Illinois at Chicago, Baylor University and University of Houston in two weeks. It is exciting to meet with a lot of good mathematicians at different places everyday.  I am very thankful to the hosts for enjoyable discussions and accommodations.

Memorable moments...

2020 -             Associate Professor at Boston University

2015 - 2020    Assistant Professor at Boston University

2012 - 2015    Benjamin-Peirce Fellow at Harvard University

2011 - 2012    Researcher at Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Universe

2007 - 2011    Graduate student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                       Thesis: SYZ mirror symmetry of toric Calabi-Yau manifolds
                       Advisor: Nai-Chung Conan Leung

August 2015

My great pleasure to talk in the FRG workshop for String Mathematics at Harvard, and the Workshop on Collapsing Calabi-Yau manifolds at Simons Center.

I talked about my joint work with Atsushi Kanazawa, my joint work with Jie Zhou, and also my joint work with Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hansol Hong.  I am still amazed by the beauty of modular forms appearing in SYZ mirror symmetry!

I have a new-born baby in the same month!

November 2015

The inaugural conference of the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry at University of Pennsylvania is wonderful.  All lectures are great! I gave a talk on my joint work with Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hansol Hong about constructing non-commutative mirrors and functors using Lagrangian Floer theory.

March 2016

I have attended the inaugural conference of the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry at UC Berkeley.  My talk is on the joint work with Atsushi Kanazawa on SYZ for local CY of type A.

May 2016

I co-organized a workshop for the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry at Harvard with Denis Auroux, Naichung Leung, Bong Lian, Chiu-Chu Liu and Shing-Tung Yau.

June 2016

I enjoyed a great time at Hong Kong during the summer! We had the MIST workshop organized by Naichung Leung - this is the fifth one in the series! I gave a lecture series on SYZ for beginning graduates.

I co-organized an FRG on mirror symmetry at BIRS with Naichung Leung in late June.  Beautiful lakes, beautiful mathematics!

In mid-June we had a mini-workshop at Shenzhen organized by Qin Li.  The trip is fun - Shenzhen has changed a lot!

July to August 2016

Thanks to Cheol-Hyun Cho for inviting me to Seoul again! Nice mathematics, nice coffee!

I was teaching Analysis and Topology in the math camp for high school students in Beijing for one month! This is really challenging - to both students and teachers! I began with precalculus in the first week, introduced tensors and forms, and explained curves and arc-length parametrization in the second week, talked about surfaces and proved Gauss theorem (that curvature is intrinsic) in the first three days of third week, and explained integration, fundamental theorem of calculus, de Rham cohomology, and gluing technique by partition of unity from the third to forth week! Well originally I planned to prove Gauss-Bonnet theorem, unfortunately we run out of time.  We also had `projects’, and surprisingly a group of students has solved my challenge - computing the difference between Newton’s and Einstein’s models on planetary movement! The teaching load is very high - 1.5 hours every weekday! On the other hand I felt that it is quite successful and meaningful for broadcasting Advanced Mathematics - hopefully most of them can understand more than half of the course!

In the mean time, I attended the String Conference 2016, and gave a talk on my joint work on generalized SYZ with Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hansol Hong in the International Congress for Chinese Mathematicians.  A super busy trip!

October 2016

Yamabe Symposium at University of Minnesota

November 2016

Mini-workshop on SYZ and HMS at Harvard

Homological Mirror Symmetry Meeting at Simons Foundation