Siu-Cheong Lau




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Hobbies besides mathematics

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In the broad light of day mathematicians check their equations and their proofs, leaving no stone unturned in their search for rigour. But, at night, under the full moon, they dream, they float among the stars and wonder at the miracle of the heavens. They are inspired. Without dreams there is no art, no mathematics, no life.

Michael Atiyah

About me


Chinese flute

Novels (金庸,古龍,黃易, 三體 ...)

I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Boston University.

I am an organizer of the Geometry and Physics Seminar.  You are welcome to attend!

Notes of selected talks

I hope you will find these notes helpful.  Comments are welcome.

Moduli theory of Lagrangian immersions and mirror symmetry
Kyoto University, and International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians 2017.

A short trip to tropical geometry
Talk to high school students, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2016.

SYZ, tiling and modularity
Simons Center, 2015, and UC Berkeley, 2016.

Generalized SYZ and homological mirror symmetry
ICM Satellite Conference 2014, Taiwan.

Open GW invariants and Seidel elements of toric manifolds
Simons Center, 2012.

SYZ mirror symmetry for toric CY manifolds
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2011.

My main research interest lies in complex algebraic geometry and symplectic geometry, and also their close relations with Physics. More specifically, I work on mirror symmetry.  I am developing a constructive theory which leads to interesting results on SYZ, open Gromov-Witten invariants, mirror maps, homological mirror symmetry and modular forms.

Research interest

Pieces of beauty

The above figure shows several beautiful tessellations of the plane.  Polygon countings in the figure have miraculous relations with periods of elliptic curves.  It comes from my joint work with Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hansol Hong.  In my joint work with Jie Zhou, we relate the countings with modular forms.

The above figure shows a hexagon tiling and some related graphs.  It appears in the study of SYZ mirror symmetry, and is related to Riemann theta functions, modular forms, Gromov-Witten theory, and general-type varieties.  It comes from my joint work with Atsushi Kanazawa.


Best Paper Silver Award (2017), ICCM

Distinguished Paper Award (2017), ICCM

Certificate of Teaching Excellence (2014), Harvard University

Doctoral Thesis Gold Award (2012), New World Mathematics Award at ICCM