T(x|y) analysis code

Code written in IDL to compute the synchronization measure T(x|y) in:

M. A. Kramer, E. Edwards, M. Soltani, M. S. Berger, R. T. Knight and A. J. Szeri, "Synchronization measures of bursting data: Application to the electrocorticogram of an auditory event-related experiment." Physical Review E , 70: 011914 (2004).

To start, download the three files below and run --> txy_example.pro

txy_example.pro An example of how to use the code. Help file
txy.pro The measure T(x|y).
Help file
You'll need this to run txy.pro
Help file

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

If you find this code useful (or more likey, buggy) please contact me.