Prof. Mark Kramer Contact
Emily Schlafly Postdoctoral Researcher, BU
Dana Shaw Graduate student, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, BU
Dhinakaran Chinappen Graduate student, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, BU

Previously in Lab


Postdoctoral researchers

  Last reported position
Dr. Anirudh Wodeyar Postdoctoral Researcher, Mass General Hospital / Harvard University
Dr. Frank Marshall
Prof. Ishita Basu Assistant Professor - Research, Univeristy of Cincinnati
Dr. Louis-Emmanuel Martinet Data Scientist, Indigo
Prof. Theo Vo Assistant Professor, Florida State University
Dr. Kyle Lepage Scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science
Prof. Mikio Aoi Assistant Professor, UCSD
Dr. John Burke Researcher at MSCI Barra
Prof. ShiNung Ching Associate Professor, Wash. University in St. Louis

Graduate Students

  Last reported position
Dr. Elizabeth Spencer Postdoctoral researcher at CMU
Dr. Jessica Nadalin Data Scientist, Uber
Dr. Anthea Cheung Senior Applied Scientist, Etsy
Dr. Grant Fiddyment Data Scientist, Philadelphia 76ers
Dr. Sean Matlis Hiking South America
Prof. Emily Stephen Assistant Professor, BU
Prof. Laura Rocio Gonzalez-Ramirez Professor, Instituto Politécnico Nacional; Young Researcher Award from Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology
Dr. Nick Benes Senior Scientist at Image Insight Inc. East Hartford, CT
Prof. Wes Viles Assistant Professor, University of Southern Maine
Dr. Anna M. Barry Postdoctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia; NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (MSPRF)
Dr. Liang Meng Statistician at Travelers Insurance


    Last reported position
Ying Zhang Major (with distinction) in Mathematics and Statistics, 2015 Graduate student at Boston University
Sara Parvin-Nejad Major (with distinction) in Neuroscience, 2015 Graduate student at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Mohammad Zaidi Major (with distinction) in Neuroscience Medical school
Stefania Sokolowski Major in Neuroscience, Masters in CNS, 2013 Research associate at Policy Analysis, Inc
Lisa Melnik Major in Economics, 2013 Employee at Compete, Inc.
Sunjay Sethi Medical student at BU
Lauren Wizon Major (with distinction) in Mathematics and Statistics, 2011 Financial advisor with Goldman, Sachs & Co
Sofia Jativa Major (with distinction) in Mathematics and Statistics, 2011 Graduate student at University of Zurich
Jennifer Perez Major (with distinction) in Mathematics and Statistics, 2009 Medical student at U Mass Worcester