BU Mathematical Physics Seminar 

Fall 2006

Thursday 3:00 - 4:30 at Boston University 

The seminar is often followed by a dinner with the speaker (please ask at the end of the seminar for details)

Tea will be served at 2:45, the talk will start around 3:00

Room MCS135 in the Math Dept.
September 14
Cookies and Tea semester opening
September 21 (3:45!)
                                                                      Sid Redner (BU)
Scaling in Competition and in Tournaments
September 28
Dirk Kreimer (BU and IHES)
Locality and Self-similarity
October 11 (Wed! 3-4, MCS 148)
Alexander Goncharov (Brown U.)
A Feynman integral for the motivic fundamental group
October 19
Christoph Bergbauer (FU Berlin)
On the Cutkosky rules for Feynman graphs
October 26
Victor Kac (MIT)
Quantization and Chiralization
November 2
Noriko Yui (Queen's U., Canada)
Quasi-modular forms and mirror symmetry for elliptic curves
November 9
Michael Hoffman (US Naval Acad.)
The Connes-Kreimer Hopf Algebra as a Combinatorialist's Playground
November 16 (3:30pm)  

Matt Szczesny (BU)
The Langlands program: from arithmetic to conformal field theory
December 04 (3:00pm)  

Gabriel Baditoiu (BU)
Feynman diagrams and Lax pair equations
 December 7
Karen Yeats (BU)
Recursive equations and growth estimates in Quantum Field Theory